Welcome to ZewingGirl.com!

Hi! I'm Tracy, the "Girl" in "Zewing Girl" and I figured I should share a little bit about who I am and why I do Zewing Girl in the first place so here that goes...

First off, I am a mother of two beautiful children, Oliver  and Georgia and wife to a wonderful husband Joe. Born and raised in Wisconsin, lived here my whole life and honestly, wouldn't want it any other way.

I've always enjoyed art and crafting. I got my first sewing machine (still used to this day) from my parents for Christmas (1999?) and started tinkering with fabrics, buttons, threads and whatever else I could find at the craft stores and rummage sales. Teaching myself as I went along.

Soon, I was churning out items for small home shows, making gifts for birthdays and Thank You's for friends and relatives, donating items for school and charitable auctions etc etc. Before I knew it I had a small, fledgling business on my hands. At that time I went by the name "Girlie Girl Designs" thought of on the spur of the moment and used for a few years as interest in my products spread around.

Slowly, I realized that with some effort I could turn this into a little something more than something I did at my kitchen table after the kids went to bed. So I dug in a bit and came up with a little bit of a business plan and here we are.

Along with the new idea came a new name. I often get asked where the "Zewing Girl" name comes from and exactly how it's pronounced (its "Zewing" as in "Sewing" but a "Z" in place of the "S"). That named stemmed from my daughter, Georgia, mispronouncing scissors as "Zizzors" and, well, "Sewing" as "Zewing". She would say she wanted to "zew" like mom when she got older, and she would "zew" buttons on fabric at school etc etc. So when we asked her what the name of the business should be , she naturally said "Zewing!" and we went with it.

So that's my story and the story of Zewing Girl. Thank you so much for stopping by the web site, and a double thank you if you've ever purchased anything from me. Rest assured that everything is hand made by me and that I do care what you think of the products that I make, so please do not hesitate to drop me an email at tracy@zewinggirl.com.